the weekly


I’d like a mini-job, I would
Some eensy little work
I think that it would do me good
Would be a little perq

I’d get up on a mini-dawn
And with a bit of bravery
Half-happy, and not half-forlorn
Try out some mini-slavery

A mini-job would turn the page
Of half-life’s mini-book
And almost earn a mini-wage
Buy scraps for me to cook

I’d earn a little pittance
Perhaps in single digits
And live in Little Britain’s
Special home for midgets

But I earn fifteen millions
For kicking round a ball
And though my sporting brilliance
Is not the all-in-all

And though a mini-job would suit
And pay my social debt
I polish up my golden boot
And think, Perhaps Not Yet


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The government is looking at a proposal for ‘mini-jobs’. The football season started.

22 August 2012


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