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Arctic Roll

Yes we’re on an Arctic roll
Melting all that horrid ice
What a belter, what a swelter
Nansen would have thought it nice:
No more frostbite in his boot,
Snug and cabin-bound en route.

Happy slush is here again
As we watch the Great Unfreeze
Think of Peary, fresh, unweary
Moving through the placid seas:
For the Polar Bear, less stint
Standing on a glacier mint.

No more problems for Titanic
On its maiden pleasure cruise:
Children, women, happy swimmin’
And the band avoids the blues:
Third-class passengers in bunks
Sleep there in their swimming trunks.

Seriously, the ice is cracking
Jokes that we should greet with glee –
Fish to kill and oil to drill!
What a perfect recipe!
Given all this clement weather,
We will swim and sink together.


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Arctic Roll

The Arctic ice has been found to be thinning at a much faster rate than expected.

15 August 2012


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