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Imbibing Idiot Bias

Holding Chateauneuf du Pape
I look like a stupid chap,
But with a glass of Beaujolais
It’s plain my brain’s been shot away.

Standing with some Liebfraumilch,
I am of the gormless ilk,
But lounging with a Moscatel
I’m dense and cretinous as well.

Sipping at a nice Rioja,
I seem really off my rocker,
But with a decent Sauvignon
All my intelligence seems gone.

Even with a glass of Merlot,
My nous is clearly on a furlough –
When I get some Swedish Glogg in,
Sure, there’s nothing in my noggin.

Even with a gin and tonic,
I am marked down as moronic:
Those who saw me quaff some hock said
‘What a dim and doltish blockhead.’

Just a sip of Cotes du Rhone,
It’s certain that my head is bone:
Even with a quiet spritzer
Nobody's certain where my wits are.

Perry, sherry, beery foam,
The lights are on, but no-one’s home:
They say the Chancellor is bright.
And you know what? I think he’s tight.

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Imbibing Idiot Bias

Five studies from two US universities have ‘proved’ that holding a drink makes other people think you’re stupid.

18 July 2012


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