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It's All Over Now

When I’m sittin’ on the bus
And a man steps on my national health
He’s tellin’ me what’s in store
As my useless generation’s
Just a bunch of old outpatients
I can’t get no … er …

Hey hey hey
Doo doo doo

When I’m watching free TV
And a man comes on, berates me
About a big society
But he can’t be a man as he doesn’t suck
On his Werthers quite like me
I can’t get no … what was it …

Hey hey hey
Doo doo doo

When I’m ridin’ on a train
With my pension book and my walkin’ stick
And I’m burnin’ winter fuel
He says baby better hand back your travel card
Because the pound is weak and times is hard
I can’t get no

Free prescription
I can’t get no free prescription
That’s the feller
Hey hey hey
No free prescription
No free prescription, yeah
No free prescription

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It's All Over Now

The Rolling Stones first performed 50 years ago this week. The government has been advised to consider removing free passes etc. from better-off pensioners.

11 July 2012


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