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A Day In The Life

I surfed the web today, oh joy,
And found a plucky man about to fade
And though his views were rather sad
I thought he'd have to go
I saw the video

His face and shirt were shining white
He didn't realise that the times have changed
A simple script had been prepared
It said he knew the score
Nobody was really sure if he was just a mouse who roared

His tale of woe began to cloy
The US Army had not won the war
He said he worked all night and day
And tried a jaded look
But could not close his book
He'd love to carry on...

Choked up, he held his head,
Spoke some bromides, looked half-dead,
Found that no-one cared his time was up,
Once a cheeky pup, you sensed his fate -

In his throat, the gab was flat,
Though he knew his words off pat -
He was all grey hair and his speech was smoke -
And he told a joke and it made me want to scream

I surfed the web today, oh joy,
He'll fill with holes when back-turned, that's for sure,
And though his soul's grown rather small,
Here's Gordon Brown to call –
Now the bells begin to toll, the undertakers fill his hall.
He'd love to carry on...

Crescendo followed by sudden knell

A Day In The Life
Downing Street released a video of Tony Blair with the pithy title “A Day In The Life" – "an exclusive insight into the PM's working life”. It's on the Downing Street web-site.

with apologies to Lennon and McCartney
3 January 2006


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