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Education, Education, Education

The map of the empire is pink
There’s a cane in the corner (or birch)
There’s chalk in the air and the sweet smell of ink
Let’s bring back the rod, pole or perch

There are Janet and John on the shelves
The Lone Ranger’s buddies with Tonto
Any old figure’s divided by twelves
Let’s bring back the furlong and pronto

The Home service vies with the Light
The Diary show? Mrs. Dale
The sheep on the right are exceptionally bright
But the goats on the left have to fail

The grammar school pupils find God
In the motto on each blazer pocket
The Devil takes those in the secondary mod
There are round pins to fit any socket

The Cabinet’s chock-full of plonkers
An acre is made of square chains
The future is bonkers but dreaming of conkers
Thank goodness they’re using their brains

The copperplate says ‘Could do better’
On all of the swot’s school reports
The teacher is wearing his best short-sleeved sweater
And poor Michael Gove is in shorts

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Education, Education, Education

The Government proposes to scrap GCSEs and return to CSEs and something like O-levels.

27 June 2012


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