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The Sun Shines Out

It was a long hot summer
As sauropods ran free:
A sizzling scorching bummer
When burns were first degree.
Tanning salon addicts, nude,
Would all have swiftly barbecued.

The world, a sultry heimat,
Was one Sahara, vast,
A gassy, roasting climate
That grew with each great blast –
The heat was tropical, immense
With vegetarian flatulence.

There was no Costa Brava,
No cricket to be played:
The ground was soft as lava.
And the reptiles’ serenade
Came bursting from their inner sump.
All day you heard their giant trump.

Scroungers, the lounge lizards
Strolled fartily about,
And swallowed in their gizzards
Till methane thundered out.
Bathers, surfers, don’t despair:
Boris leaks the same hot air.

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The Sun Shines Out

Dinosaurs breaking wind caused greenhouse gas beyond our imaginings. Boris Johnson was re-elected Mayor of London.

9 May 2012


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