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It Takes One Not To Know One

Is this grief that starts to kindle
In my maw?
Are you saying rich folk swindle
The honest poor?
My heart is shivering. It cracks.
You say the rich evade my tax?

All day I lie on beds of nails,
A fakir.
Someone must be telling tales.
They make a
Packet by exploiting schemes
Beyond my very wildest dreams.

I feel as helpless as a seagull
In thin air.
Perhaps they’ve only done what’s legal
(To be fair).
Catch a rich man, nab a bastard?
Crumbs. I’m wholly flabbergasted.

I find these shocking revelations
Must the tycoons test my patience?
It’s taxing.
In my mansion, they’re perfect lodgers.
Really, are they jammy dodgers?


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It Takes One Not To Know One

George Osborne found it unbelievable that the rich evaded taxes.

11 April 2012


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