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You Stupid Boy

The D upon my titfer, conical,
Means I am a prat,
And any LibDem chronicle
Will always mention that
I’m not a magic mystic
But merely a statistic.

The poor, the hard-pressed pensioners,
The ones without the bunce,
Will stick me in detention as
The Coalition dunce:
The future means to snigger
At me, a sorry figure.

Alas that I was born, alack
That I am not sublime:
I’ll be an in-the-corner Jack
As in the nursery rhyme.
I’m dead wood, merely lumber.
I’m just another number.

Yes, history’s recorder
Will stick me in the stocks,
I’ll be the sandwich-boarder
That everybody mocks:
Though Clegg, the phrase will stick:
I don’t agree with Nick.

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You Stupid Boy

Nick Clegg’s loyalty to the discredited health bill has divided his party. A father in Florida sent his son out with a self-denouncing sandwich board after his school report called him the “class clown”.

15 March 2012


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