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Decease Me

Please decease me, let me go,
For I can’t stick this any more:
Can’t live my life on solid ground,
So decease me and bring the mobile round.

I would like to disappear,
And you guys have the lethal gear.
You’re death on wheels, or so I’m told.
So decease me, my darling. I’m too old.

Please decease me, needle me:
For Eurovision’s misery.
The BBC has brought me to the brink –
So decease me, and sink this Humperdinck.

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Decease Me

A Netherlands euthanasia firm is making house calls. Engelbert Humperdinck, last in the UK charts in 1972, and best known for ‘Release Me’, is to be the UK’s Eurovision entrant.

7 March 2012


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