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Fugitives, or Still Lucan

Missing: Lord Lucan,
His bunk done abroad;
Musicians ask who can
Retrieve the lost chord.

Shergar’s last act:
Under finisher’s orders;
Nellie, trunk packed,
Left circus and sawdust.

And diners, alas,
On the Marie Celeste,
Like weapons of mass
Destruction, went west.

Missing as well are
Atlantis, A Link.
Glenn Miller’s propellor
Is lost in the drink.

Health policy, too,
Is somewhere in space;
Look up in the blue:
It’s found without trace.

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Fugitives, or Still Lucan

There was an outbreak of more stories about Lord Lucan (who disappeared in 1974) having successfully concealed his identity in Africa. Health policy has begun to fragment the Coalition.

29 February 2012


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