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The London council Croydon,
Although not very flash,
Is acting like a hoyden
Because it’s strapped for cash.

For those who have no shelter
It’s come up double-plus –
Its plan’s a proper belter:
Stick HULL upon a bus

And send them to the north
In any sort of number:
Homeless multiply? Go forth
To live beside the Humber.

There’s plenty who can park in
The jewel on Yorkshire’s coast,
The hiding-place of Larkin
(And presumably his ghost);

It is the very best spot
That Croydon could have found:
It also has John Prescott,
Who’ll quickly show them round;

And those in Surrey’s out-tray
May find Hull to their taste
(‘As far as Hull’, the papers say –
There’s far more frozen waste).

It’s Stalin-style migration
To the Holy Trinity steeple:
It suits the Southern nation
That Hull is other people.

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Croydon council is preparing to move its homeless residents ‘as far away as Hull’, under the new ‘Localism Act’.

22 February 2012


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