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Doomed, We're All Doomed

Take the Highland Clearances,
Take the land left red and sodden:
A wind-farm’s interference is
Far more shocking than Culloden.

Never mind the vicious claymore,
Never mind its brutal cut.
This is much worse. Need I say more
When my giant pitch’n’putt

Will pull heroic tourists to me?
This is like a nation’s death.
Scots will be forever gloomy.
Turbines? Far worse than Macbeth.

Every time that men have sunk a
Concrete windmill in the silt,
They despoil a famous bunker,
They betray the tartan kilt.

Listen to the wind-farm’s air weigh
Heavy on the Scottish heart.
Who needs power when a fairway
Is a Celtic work of art?

Think of history’s descendants
Hearing all this offshore roar:
What price then your independence?
What were Bruce and Braveheart for?

Golf is what the Highlands cherish.
Dunbar’s loss was chicken-feed:
Did Sir Patrick Spens, then, perish
Not to watch how rich men teed?

A caddy carrying a bag is
Weeping as these monsters pump:
Scots will give up whisky, haggis
To walk my course. I’m Laird of Trump.


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Doomed, We're All Doomed

Donald Trump has described the proposed wind-farm near his proposed hotel and golf course in Aberdeenshire as doing ‘more damage to Scotland than virtually any event in Scottish history.’

15 Feb 2012


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