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Jubilee Lines

Diamondly, not rubily,
I give Big Liz her due,
Here it is, her jubilee,
And still she looks brand-new:
She’s like a vintage motor car
Whose price is rather large,
And we, her humble voters are
Locked up in her garage.
Four years to beat Victoria!
We like our record-breakers,
And hence the small euphoria
Upon her British acres:
We may have had a riot,
And some pesky killing wars,
But all is peace and quiet
For the Royal ’Er Indoors.
She’s the nation’s Enid Blyton –
Our island could be Kirrin –
But I’d rather spend a night on
The tiles with Helen Mirren.

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Jubilee Lines

It’s sixty years since the Queen came to the throne.

8 February 2012


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