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Tea For Two


Sex is much better, methinks,
If you have a pliable wife who
Interrupts any love life for drinks
And stops all the action for Typhoo.

Passion is very much better
If you are a pensioner tupper
Who likes to unwind and unfetter
With a break for a biscuit and cuppa.

Bedtime will be in fine fettle
Provided that when you’re in heat
One of you thinks of a kettle
And pauses you. Oh what a treat

To be one flesh, and covered in dew,
To know that when some like it hot,
There’s a chance for a brilliant brew,
If there’s one of you warming the pot.

If you’re a pair of old fleabags
Who seldom shift under each other,
Make sure you’ve a couple of teabags
And that someone’s prepared to be Mother.

Give in to your instincts, your pinings,
But here is a canny new tactic:
Do stop for a cup of fine Twinings
On the way to becoming climactic.

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Tea For Two

Marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall suggests that a mid-coital cup of tea can work wonders.

25 January 2012


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