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No Answer

I’m writing an essay, I’m doing research,

I switch on the net, I bet I’ll be speedier,

Oh no, I’m bamboozled, I’m left in the lurch:

I’ll have to go sick. There is no Wikipedia. 


There’s no Wikipedia! I’m helpless, I’m cracked,

I can’t cut and paste all the answers they need.

The world has gone dumb, there’s no access to fact:

Without it, how can I begin to succeed? 


I’m a failure, will feature as a mug in the media,

The imprudent student who handed in blanks.

I am sick to the core. There is no Wikipedia:

In the army of idiots, I’ll soon swell the ranks. 


The waters of academe seem very choppy;

My boat has a leak and I’m due for the sharks.

Where shall I plagiarise? How shall I copy?

Without Wikipedia, where are my marks?


This is disaster. There’s no sticking plaster

To cover my nakedness. No-one is needier.

Bring me a cleric, a medic, a pastor:

I’ve a deadline to meet and there’s no Wikipedia.


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No Answer

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, staged a 24-hour shutdown of Wikipedia.

18 January 2012


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