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I’m off to the Goldilocks zone
Where there isn’t a cold snap or snow
Where the ice cream will melt in a cone
And life can be lazy and slow
I’ll give up my job and I’ll lie by the sea
Be a hep-cat on Kepler 22b
The waiters will come when I call
From my lounger, with manna and honey
I’ll try the Australian crawl
I won’t have to spend any money
Kepler 22b is my natural pitch
And the living will be inexplicably rich
I’m 600 light years from Earth
So I had to fork out for the fare
But it’s what I have dreamed of, from birth –
A place without trouble or care
No pressure, no bother, no angst and no onus
As a banker, I tell you, it’s a wonderful bonus

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Scientists have discovered a planet with a rather pleasant-sounding ambience, in a solar system like our own, one that looks as if it would support human life. It’s called Kepler 22b

7 December 2011


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