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Near Miss


They call me YU55
I am an asteroid
I dive through space without much trace
Inhabiting the void
Sometimes I edge very near
To planets, and I think
My dear, let’s streak too close and wreak
Some havoc and some stink
Why only just the other night
I passed a smoggy planet
And, Right, I thought, let’s have some sport
And totally un-man it
Nothing beats the vicious sense
That someone’s in a funk
And tense to see their history
Will soon be useless junk
We YU types are fairly slack
Despite our morbid glee
The fact is this: a quick near miss
Is fine enough for me
Why bother bursting into flame
And (cutting to the chase)
What game’s to be had – melting the mad
Who are a waste of space?
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Near Miss
An asteroid narrowly avoided Earth. You’ll have to wait 16 or 17 years for the next close shave.

9 November 2011


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