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Unprotected Conversations


Unprotected conversations
They’re the future, that’s for sure
When you suffer from impatience
They’re a very certain cure
Let us legalise the knack
Of chats behind each other’s back
Bring back rumour, bring back whim
Speak in code and ditch the tact
When a worker’s shanking scrim
Chinese whispers get them sacked
Unprotected words like skives
Will lead to more P45s
If you want to ditch the dodos
To rid yourself of walking dead
Say bye-bye to any no-nos
By cutting any tape that’s red
You can wrap their stuff in bin-bags
With some frank and candid chinwags
Here goes: Clegg is far too smarmy
Cameron is substance-free
Osborne, doncha know, is barmy
Clarke is one more OAP
Time to make them unelected
This conversation’s not protected
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Unprotected Conversations
Deputy PM, Nick Clegg, proposed allowing business leaders to get rid of workers by allowing ‘unprotected conversations’ about allegedly failing individuals

26 October 2011


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