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Low Interest

Youth unemployment is shocking,
Says Dave, our PM and our mate,
But please do forgive him, his mind’s like a sieve.
It’s his very low interest rate.
Half of your youngsters are jobless,
Says Dave: it’s a terrible show,
But it warms you inside and is cause of some pride
That his interest rate is so low.
The dole-queue comes out of the schoolyard
And Dave knows it’s wrong to be merry:
But though there’s no work, Dave isn’t that irked.
How low is his interest rate? Very.
The rate is horrific, appalling.
Dave won’t crack a bottle of fizz:
But he says, Tip your hats, and this shows you that’s
How low that his interest rate is.
No-one enjoys unemployment,
And the graph is consistently steep:
But Dave is obsessed with his low interest,
Or with no interest. He’s asleep.


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Low Interest


The Prime Minister admitted that youth unemployment was horrendous, but advised us to look at the wonderfully low interest rate.

October 12 2011


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