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I look like standard broccoli
But I am really wild
I’ll save the Earth from death and dearth
And rescue any child
Who’s ever had forced through its lips
A diet made of Coke and chips
Yes I am SuperBroccoli,
The Clark Kent of the veg
When at the grocer’s, do look closer
And see my hard raw edge
I may look mild and privet-green
But I am marvellously keen
For I am no romancer
Like chavvy avocado
My soul is pure, I’m cancer’s cure
I am like Brigitte Bardot –
Sex on legs and fond of cats
And wearer of a dozen hats
The wondrous David Willetts
Has praised me to the skies
The Coalition’s dietitians
Have asked me to advise
I’ll solve the missing trillions scam
I’m SuperBroccoli, yes I am
World peace will be a doddle
And though I say this cockily
One armed bandits, falling standards
They’re ripe for SuperBroccoli
The world is saved! What happiness!
(I’ll be on sale in M&S)
Read an article in the Telegraph here

A new strain of broccoli will be on sale that can do – well, almost anything

5 October 2011


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