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Songs From The Theatre


It’s a smooth operation when plugged into Sade:
But Start Me Up if I am charging a heart.
And The Lonesome Pine, by Laurel and Hardy
Is whistling good stuff when I fix a spare part.
For flabbier patients, The White Cliffs of Dover;
It is Dizzy Miss Lizzy when brains are concussed;
And sometimes I lose them, and warble It’s Over:
Or Another One (as the man sings) Bites The Dust.
The Saw Doctors play as I’m carving away:
When I’ve Got You (Sinatra-style) Under Your Skin;
Within You, Without You’s another I play
While tossing the gizzards across to the bin.
Politicians of course are like doctors who hum:
Maybe Tomorrow’s a favourite song.
Equally If…– or A Change Is Gonna Come –
Or Perhaps, or When, and It Won’t Be Long.
I sing with my scalpel, I cut. Let It Bleed!
The political classes play mirrors and smoke.
They sing falsetto, I take the lead.
And they always wind up with I Started A Joke.
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Songs From The Theatre
A survey showed that different surgeons had different musical preferences. We are in the middle of the political conference season.

28 September 2011


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