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Crystal Balls

Nautilus claims (and it’s right)
That somewhere they’re fighting tonight
    That the world will be halving
    And rich folk aren’t starving
And that bombs will be dropped from a height
Nautilus makes its prediction
That’s Fact (it is never Non-Fiction) –
    It computes that the meek
    Face a future that’s bleak
And that refugees all face eviction
Nautilus gives you analysis
And thinks that the next burst of malice is
    Due from a city
    Where despots take pity
On no-one, but stick to their palaces
Nautilus knows what’s in store –
How the bombed give the bombers what-for:
     It may take an era
     But none will pay dearer
Than the leaders who lay down the law
Nautilus knows how things tick.
But Nautilus, frankly, is thick –
    It can’t foretell times
    When computer-fed crimes
Will see Nautilus knackered. One click
And the forecasts it gives will be seen
To be those that a cheap magazine
     Could give you for tuppence.
     Oh, what a comeuppance –
It’s so obvious, know what I mean?
 Click here for the story on the BBC web-site.

Crystal Balls
A ‘super-computer’ called Nautilus is alleged to be able to foretell political events more accurately than weather-forecasters. Thanks to Morgaine for pointing me at the article

14 September 2011


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