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Dirty Words

Listen, you free-trading youngsters,
with your horribly capital sneers;
you market economy punksters,
pin back your stock exchange ears.

I'm talking your own footsie patter,
and I'm right in your dividend face –
so less of your high-yielding chatter.
You're a national surplus disgrace.

Yes you, you expense account shower,
you credit-faced, teenager jonahs,
once I win some turnover power,
you'll do national service – and bonus

to you, too – you pension-fund perk.
Don't tell me to come prosper off it.
Leave school, do some hard gravy work.
Disagree? Read my lips, and go profit.

Dirty Words
“For too many people,” said David Cameron, “profit and free trade are dirty words.” He urged the CBI conference to campaign for capitalism. Earlier in the day he proposed a new kind of national service for teenagers.
November 29 2005


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