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I’m a wozzit, I’m a thingummy
I’m a doofer, I’m john-doe
I’m a whatchamecall, a gubbins
I’m a stuff, I’m so-and-so
I’m a panky, I’m a gizmo
I’m a hoosit, I’m an oojah
I’m a whatnot, I’m a boojum
I’m a doodad, I’m a doodah
I’m a widget, I’m a kludge
I’m tra-la, a lah-di-dah
I’m a gee-gaw, I’m a dingle
I’m a folderol, a blah
I’m a jiminy, I’m a jigger
I’m an oodle, I’m Scotch Mist
I’m a doobree, yadda-yadda
But give me credit, I exist
So listen, Harry, Dick and Tom
With your dinky-boo and stuff
Why the gun and why the bomb?
Isn’t counting us enough?
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There were said to be 8.7 million species of creatures, over 80% of them without a name.

24 August 2011


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