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It's A Riot


I want a new computer?
What better price to buy at – a
mouse, a screen, a router,
a printer that runs quieter.
I think I’ll be a looter,
or, failing that, a rioter.
The state is parasitical?
‘Policemen take on ten of me’?
You think the world is critical
and capital its enemy.
But I, not so political,
steal citrus (waxed and lemony).
I’ll follow any mob along
if it’s for the common goods:
a dongle, maybe from Hong Kong,
a set of Christmas puds.
While you consider right or wrong
I’m after parka hoods.
Consider this: a hammer, a
device to break or else create,
an implement with glamour, a
means to mar or meditate …
nah, hand me down a camera.
Consumer riots: ain’t they great?


Read a New York Times article re-published here

It's A Riot
One hundred years after riots were reported in 1911 London, Britain experienced an apparently repeat experience. There were several interpretations. The weirdest was from Dr. Pamela Rutledge (of the US Media Psychology Research Center), of the use of social media during the events: ‘You can use a hammer to build something or to destroy it (sic). It’s just a tool.’ From a distance, it all looked like impulse shopping.

17 August 2011


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