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Charity Charity Bang Bang

We’re biting the handout that feeds you
We’re cutting the oxygen pump
Still, you’re a charity
Used to disparity
So up nothing’s what we will stump
God helps those who help themselves freely
And not those who need some assistance
So hold out your bowls
And we’ll fill them with holes
And run away long quite a distance
It’s no use your writing and whingeing
That we’re halting the halt and the lame
In the good times we bail you
In bad times we fail you
The whole world all over, the same
The last line of every verse is
Confusing – the sting’s in its cut
You get a bad bargain
And shed-loads of jargon
And up it’s designed to you shut
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Charity Charity Bang Bang

Over two thousand charities have had their funding cut or removed

3 August 2010


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