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Chimp Thinking

Here I sit, and here I think

About the human noddle

And watch it as it starts to shrink

(A most inferior model)


I am a simple chimp, whose brain

Is fit from start to finish

It never feels the human’s strain

Nor does its size diminish


The human matter wastes away

While waiting for nirvana

But I sit here each passing day

And I am top banana


Why does the homo sapiens

Have cells which pine and dwindle?

Is it because he has no friends,

And swaggers, loves to swindle?


Perhaps the way that he’s obsessed

With war and land and money

Leaves all his head in such unrest

It makes his brains go runny


Whatever. When man’s brain’s a pea

That rattles round a skull

I am a simple chimpanzee

Whose life is never dull


I watch their fading memories

Unwinding in their mind –

The monkey in the tree agrees:

Give thanks we’re not mankind


Click here for a story in The Independent

Chimp Thinking

Research suggests that the human brain shrinks with age – unlike (say) that of the chimpanzee

July 27 2011


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