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Oh What Fun

Outside it is blowing a blizzard,
And the oil costs a leg and two arms,
But the price of a trinket is wizard,
So there's no need to sound the alarms.

The electricity meter-man's beady;
His eyes and his pockets are bulging –
But I've been out and picked a new CD.
Heigh-ho. It's such fun here, indulging.

It's rising, the price of our water.
It's gone through the roof. We will drown.
But no matter, I've been out and bought a
Few gew-gaws. There's no need to frown.

Yes it's great here. The lights are not burning,
And the winds whip their way through the flues.
My pension is poor. I'm not earning.
But just look at my new pair of shoes.

It's dark. I am dead. A mere detail
In this world burned to ash by the sun –
Who cares when my therapy's retail?
I'm freezing. What frolics! What fun!

Oh What Fun
A retail therapy index produced for the internet bank Egg suggests that the cost of fun is falling while the cost of household bills is rising.
22 November 2005


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