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I want to be a Duchess
I want to be like Kate
I think everything she touches
Would suit me really great
I want to have the same fridge
I want to have the style
Of the Duchess known as Cambridge
I’m copying her smile
I want my oven’s griddle done
In several sorts of chic
If it is like Kate Middleton’s
I’ll burst before I speak
I want to be the consort
Of the next-but-one to rule
I want a media onslaught
Because I’m KM-cool
Yes, I want her Princess aura
Her stocking and her shoe
I want her apple-corer
And her royal tea-towel too
Society may well be Big
But I’m on the dole and broke
Still, one more puff on Katie’s cig
And I’ll be wreathed in smoke
Click here for a Guardian article


Everything Kate Middleton wears sells out.

6 July 2011


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