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Pub In Space

I am a space tourist
With cash in my pocket
Not one of the poorest
And ready to rocket
But high above Earth
The one thing I fear
Is the terrible dearth
Of Australian beer
The world has its troubles
Or so goes the tale
But I need some bubbles
When drinking my ale
Scientists know that
There’s no time to waste
They better work so that
My beer has some taste
Starvation and famine
May make a man blub
But who gives a damn in
The space-hopper’s pub
Yes, bodies are stinking
That’s just how it is
But make sure I’m drinking
Some wallop with fizz 
War may be cruel
But I’m over the moon
Bring me some fuel
Bring me it soon
The world is a dump
But I’m full of glee
Pull me that pump
Oh and have one on me

Read the Guardian article here

Pub In Space

A new beer has been devised for space tourists.

18 May 2011


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