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A good gag

Cover my tracks with some wax;
Spread me with cream’s extreme unction.
Give me a cloak,
Surround me with smoke.
Grant me a super-injunction.
I am a cheat and a liar,
And fib without fear or compunction.
Does my misdemeanour
Need a public arena?
No. Grant me a super-injunction.
I’m an anonymous con
With money and moral malfunction:
What use is wealth
If it can’t buy you stealth?
Grant me a super-injunction.
Yes, bring me a prayer-shawl and shade
And shut down the snitch and the snooper:
Protect us, celebs,
From the twittering plebs,
And grant an injunction. A super.


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A good gag


The use of ‘super-injunctions’ to protect the privacy of celebrities has been compromised by the use of Twitter.

11 May 2011


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