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Wedding Bill Blues

Between two worlds, the rich and poor,
There runs a simple isthmus,
And this is so we know the law:
Royal weddings aren’t for Christmas
They give us time to down our beers
To marvel at organza
To win a Poundland souvenir
Bank holiday bonanza
Prince Sid would have been a better name,
But he missed out on it, didn’t he?
It would have been a better game
To marry Kate and Sidney
But still, it is a cut-price hitch
And we won’t sign the docket
Or billet-doux the like of which
Might leave us out of pocket
Or so they say. The DVD
Will be on sale next Spring
A bargain-basement almost-free
But cut-price offering
But there it is, the abbey aisle
May seem to break the heart
But it’s as cheesy as a smile
That sells a supermart

Wedding Bill Blues

The royal wedding souvenir editions are about to descend on us.

27 April 2011


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