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Mrs. Duffy says

As I said to Mr. Brown
The day I drove him out of town
For calling me a bigot
Do not talk about a spigot
When you mean a tap
Cut the crap, dear chap

As I said to Mr. Brown
When I brought the bully down
For filling me with swill
Do not talk of daffodil
When you mean it’s yellow
Plainer, please, young fellow

As I said to Mr. Brown
When he used that noxious noun
Inside his limousine
Do not tell me cuts are clean
When their grease is thick
Tell me clearly, Nick

As I said to Mr. Brown
When I helped the man to drown
In a vat of bile
Do not use a pious style
The Big Society, dear Dave
Is digging one another’s grave

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Mrs. Duffy says

Mrs. Gillian Duffy, the scourge of Gordon Brown, has re-appeared to give Nick Clegg a piece of her mind

14 April 2011


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