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Stock Response to Fukushima

Give me the nuclear option
Give me the nuclear waste
Give me a gradient, suitably radiant
Give me a power to taste
Sucks to Ma Nature, I've sacked her
Give me a nuclear reactor

Bring me a breeze that is balmy
Boil up the rain, let it pelt down
Never mind quake or tsunami
Bring me a nuclear meltdown
Never mind tidal or coastal erosion
Bring me the thrill of a nuclear explosion

Show me the numbers to tap in
Show me some strength I can flaunt
Show me an accident waiting to happen
Show me a wasteland to haunt
Show me some energy, squeaky and clean
Show me disaster and make it obscene

Add up the widows and orphans
Add them up faster and faster
The images give me a rush of endorphins
Find me a nuclear disaster
Who wants the wind or the oil or the coal
When a fall-out is nuclear and brought to the boil?

The pictures of wreckage are pretty
The cities are swatted like flies
The body count may be a pity
But look at the smoke in the skies
I'm a nuclear fan, full of nuclear joys
As long as the Nikkei recovers its poise

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Stock Response to Fukushima
Stock exchanges suffered after the nuclear threat to Japan
16 March 2011


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