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Under Wraps

If you wish to fill your lungs
If you'd like to cough away
If you wish to coat your tongues
We have nothing on display

Those of you who look like ash
Or who'd browse among the brands
Every pack is in a stash
Safe from all your yellow hands

If you wish to kill yourselves
With a whiff or puff of smoke
Do not look along our shelves
They've been emptied, okey-doke?

Every pack will just say KILL YOU
Where there was a stylish logo
Don't forget that warning, will you
Smoking is an utter no-go

If you wish to lose your health
Or even life, if malcontent
We can offer these by stealth
Yours sincerely, Government

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Under Wraps
Tobacco is no longer to be displayed in shops.
9 March 2011


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