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Coming To Your Census

I'm Obi Wan-Kenobi
(The enemy of Darth)
But while I'm great, enumerators
Swarm on up my path
They want my name and number
How sabres get their light
What books I've read, who shared my bed
The other Jedi night

It seems a lot of trouble
When all's considered equal
But then of course, the noble Force
May have me in a prequel
I may be only dreaming
Of a past that's yet to be
Although the droves in Brighton-Hove
Believe in me, I see

I'm Obi Wan-Kenobi
The universe immense is
(Words give you I in order sly)
But how come that this census
Enquires about my heating?
It's all so rantum-scrantum
The Force be with you. Leave to myth
This menace and this phantom

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Coming To Your Census
There are 56 questions on the census form due to be filled in during March. As before, you will be able to declare you religion as 'Jedi Knight' if you so wish, and as 400,000 people did last time – principally in Brighton.
23 February 2011


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