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Vatican Download

If you live in faith and hope
Yet you're loaded down with sins
Here's a new one from the Pope
In the online bargain bins
If your will's about to snap
Confess it to the iPhone app

Perhaps you've had a lustful thought
Perhaps your conscience, though unwary,
Has some problems to report
Perhaps you need a quick Hail Mary
No need for a lengthy session
Go to iTunes for Confession

No more peeking through the grille
At the shadow on his tod
Whispering your every ill
To the man who acts for God
Just whip out your iPhone 4
And tap your finger, save your jaw

God the Father can be streamed
Any time of night or day
All your sins may be redeemed
With a touchpad right away
And if you're filled with inner strife
Make sure your battery's got life

Read the BBC article here

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Vatican Download
The Vatican has approved an iPhone app to help you with confession. Thanks to Clare Harvey for pointing me at the article.
9 February 2011


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