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The doctors and the teachers
Are frankly out at sea
They're underwater creatures
And they don't appeal to me
I cannot fathom how they think
Lying deeply in the drink

It's time to push the clock back
In every ward and school
To push the woollen sock back
In the mouth of every fool
To stop the rot, to foul the tide
Beneath which all these suckers glide

When everybody passes
Then everybody fails
In corridors and classes
They may wave their fishy tails
For far too long the dreadful doctors
And the teachers: both have mocked us

I am a wild and Tory shark
That flashes through the foam
I feel the need to make my mark
And watch in monochrome
I love the Fifties, scalpel-handed
And bite you like a basking bandit

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Education and health are quietly becoming targets for the government. Sharks have been found to possess black-and-white vision.
19 January 2011


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