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Quiz Pro Quo

What comes in three? You are under restraint.
(a) Strikes and you're out (b) Buses (c) Cheers.
What do we eat when we have a complaint?
(a) Pie (b) Britney (c) Broccoli Spears.

Which of our artists is known for his paint?
(a) Hockney (b) Cockney (c) A gallon of Crown.
Who is our notable national saint?
(a) Pancras (b) George, or (c) Gordon L. Brown.

What would you drink, if you felt rather faint?
(a) Beer (b) some Britvic (c) water from Spar.
Where would you go to shout “Oh no you ain't”?
(a) London (b) Panto (c) Stay where you are.

Where would you go to avoid any taint?
(a) Away (b) Abroad (c) You're under arrest.
What makes the British so curious and quaint?
(a) Blood (b) The sea (c) Compulsion to test.

Quiz Pro Quo
The compulsory test of 'Britishness' comes into force this week for any prospective immigrants.
November 1st 2005


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