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Rockall sits on a plateau
Of oil and of gas
Like a great black forest gateau
In a saltwater mass

Iceland and Denmark
And Ireland into the bargain
Don't respect our imperial pen-mark
Our peccable jargon

Of course it belongs
To its rightful owners
All rights and no wrongs:
A British bonus

It's as British as Cliff
(Although he's older)
It has the look, the sound, the whiff
Of a British boulder

If its birds could natter
The songs they sang
They'd be sure to chit-chatter
In Cockney slang

They'd be sure to hoist
A Union Jack
And rejoice, well-voiced
In our right to the black

Gushers beneath them
The property of Blighty
It is time to free them
On Rockall Almighty

My personal belief
Is that I own Sark
The Great Barrier Reef
And Yellowstone Park

I lie al fresco
And I sing of it
I also own the local Tesco
Want to make a thing of it?

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Britain says it's owned Rockall since oh, at least 1955. The UN and three countries dispute this. Cliff was 70.

Sorry about the doggerel, but the subject seemd to demand it.

5 January 2011


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