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It swallowed the dust
It swallowed the mat
It swallowed the bread and it swallowed the crust
It swallowed the cat

It chewed up the waste
It chewed up the floor
It chewed up the windows and (with some distaste)
It chewed up the door

It ate up the bed
It ate up the chairs
It ate up the milk and the cheese and the bread
It ate up the stairs

It did for the plants
It made no amends
It did for an uncle, a couple of aunts,
Three visiting friends

It gobbled the corner
It gobbled the hearth
It gobbled the flowerpots, shower and sauna
It gobbled the bath

It went on the scrounge
It went for the mess
It went for the kitchen, the bedrooms, the lounge
It took the address

It swept away earth
Like the crumbs on a shelf
It swept away death and it swept away birth
Before eating itself

In a world which is bent
On careful destruction
It offers an answer to dance and dissent
And no loss of suction

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James Dyson has invented a cordless version of his eponymous cleaner
29 December 2010


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