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Doubling Up

Now I'm the mouse whose cheesy songs
Run riot round the lab:
I'm like a nightingale, my tail
Conducts me. I am fab.

I am a crab with cracking claws,
Who cuts the ice at dances:
Watch me jump about in pumps
And try some strange advances.

I am a dog who calculates
The hardest computations:
I was jiggered, reconfigured
To solve a man's equations.

I am a rabbit, floppy-eared,
Who plays the flugelhorn:
Upon my face they've raised a beard.
And that's why I was born.

I'm from Osaka's boffin clique
And like the world cross-bred:
You hear me speak and move my cheek.
I don't mean on my head.

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Doubling Up
Osaka scientists have made mice which can sing. This is said to be research into the origins of language.
22 December 2010


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