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I thought about a perfect sweet,
A candied fruit (I took my pick)
And straightaway I couldn't eat
A bon-bon, as they make me sick.

I summoned up a future king,
And thought of outright loyalty:
And then – it was the strangest thing –
I loathed the thought of royalty.

I dreamed of screens throughout my house
And surfing on the internet:
When morning came, I shot my mouse.
My hard drive fills me with regret.

I praised the spirit and religion,
Worshipped at the nearby shrine,
And soon I hated any smidgen
Of what idiots think divine.

I pondered on the Coalition,
Heard my very deep hooray,
And yet – and this is my position –
The bastards vanished right away.

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University research in Pittsburgh suggests that the more you think of sweets, the less of them you eat.
14 December 2010


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