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Panda and Pandar

If you wish to fool a goose
Then dress up as a gander,
And if you'd set a panda loose
Please dress up as a panda.

It looks at you, your kohl-hole eyes,
And thinks, I'm one of these.
It will believe in all your lies
Beneath the bamboo trees.

It will not see the way the zip
Nips up your furry back:
If you're the block, he is the chip,
A member of his pack.

And so one day, when he's released
Into what's left of 'wild',
He'll know that he is just a beast
And not a human's child.

How strangely we behave, and live,
And wear such cunning hats.
It's just how cool Conservatives
Fool Liberal Democrats.

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Panda and Pandar
Scientists have been dressing up as pandas so that the pandas they're breeding won't get used to them as human.
8 December 2010


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