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Royal Wedding: The Seam

How can he not fall for her
When their lineage can't be beaten
Kate from the pits at Marlborough
Will from the minefields of Eton

She with her well-hewn face
He with his ponies and props
She with her skips at the brace
Where the winding-wheel never stops

See how they dig the seam
See how they take their pick
How they generate so much steam
Where the shale is rich and thick

Theirs is the landing-stage
Theirs is the dark black coat
Theirs is the gilded cage
Theirs is the lump in the throat

Hear how the hooters sound
Hear them for Kate and for Will
Now they're marrying underground
And they know the mechanical drill

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Royal Wedding: The Seam
Prince William is to marry Kate Middleton. Much has been made of her roots in Durham mining communities.
23 November 2010


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