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The Sleep Of Unreason

I'd like to have a chat with you
I'd like to take you for some drinks
I'd like to grin and wag my chin
But I'll need eighty winks

I do not like to party-poop
I do not like to ban the booze
But if I yack, when on my back
I have a shocking snooze

My large and inbuilt battery
Has plenty energy to burn
But if you please, don't shoot the breeze
Or else I'll toss and turn

And is this not a double bind?
Can't socialise and sleep, it seems
This good time guy can only fly
Inside his pleasant dreams

If I go out, then I am tetchy,
Red-eyed, rude and charmless
But if I sleep, my life is cheap,
Forgettable and harmless

I curse my jinks as far too high
I curse my need to stir
I'm he who couldn't stand the wooden
Hill to Bedfordshire

It's only if I'm dim and dull
And absolutely boring
That you will hear my most sincere
And happy sound of snoring

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The Sleep Of Unreason
"Researchers have found that extroverts who regularly socialise for half their day are more vulnerable to sleep deprivation than introverts or those in isolation." - The Daily Telegraph
2 November 2010


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