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Gadget Falling Star

Sorry to hear of it, Walkman,
Sorry last rites have been read,
I had no idea that your end was so near.
In fact, I assumed you were dead.

It's always like that with new-fangled
Appliances, isn't it, mate?
I mean, may God bless the wide world's VHS,
But it's well-past its last sell-by date.

The car window that you could roll down,
The fax machine parked by the phone:
You can see them around, but they're doomed, I'll be bound,
To a cruel fate none could condone.

Pong, Space Invaders and Pacman,
Are lodged in the dustbin of brain:
They made the heart race but new fads had their place
And all of them dropped down the drain.

Technology ages like clockwork
(The metaphor's weird, but ignore it):
Even the iPod's like a camera tripod –
And soon enough, both'll be for it.

So, farewell, and God speed, dear Sony:
I hope that they've set up a shrine,
For I'm drifting myself, and they've emptied my shelf:
Man's also a pisspoor design.

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Gadget Falling Star
The last Sony Walkman has been made.
26 October 2010


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