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Dogs R Us

Some people say that it's all warp, my woof
Some say that I have had my day
Some say that I show too much tooth
Some say I should be locked away

Others think I'm man's best friend
And bark a barcarolle
And favour pleasure without end
And love the roly-poly

Well, sleeping dogs aren't apt to lie:
I like to get a decent fix
Of eating rich, not humble pie
And chasing after sticks

It's just that when the kennels close
And playground paths are shut
Or when it's warm around my nose
Or when my park is cut

I cannot play the jolly chien
I cannot sit up, bound or beg
I cannot bark a pretty paean
When kennels shut, I'll bite your leg

They say that bankers lost their heads
And sank the national boat
Well, true or not, I won't play dead
I'm going for their throat

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Dogs R Us
Cuts loomed closer. A bizarre research study concluded that dogs are happy when well-treated and miserable when not.
12 October 2010


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