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Mister Ed

A boss is a boss, if poss, if poss,
And cannot be both of two bros, not poss,
But that's no loss becos the boss
Is the famous Mister Ed.

Ignore all the goss and ask the boss:
He'll hand you a fresh stick of candy floss.
His brother may suffer from thanatos,
Having lost to Mister Ed.

*****People gabble that Ed's a geek
*****Where David was the pro –
*****But Mister Ed will never speak
*****Of his lonely elder bro.

A boss is a boss, if poss, if poss,
It's perfectly poss this new one's cross:
But is he the party's Stirling Moss?
Well listen to this: "I'm Mist-er Ed."

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Mister Ed
Ed Miliband narrowly beat his brother David to the Labour leadership; the latter opted not to serve in his shadow cabinet. With apologies to Jay Livingston and Ray Evans
September 29 2010


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